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Do you find your joy disappearing or distant?

Joy is not designed to vanish when times get hard.

Joy is designed to be a stabilizing force to help you persevere when it gets rough.

The Joy Filled Soul is a biblical look at everyday situations and the choices we make, first mending our cup and then filling it with choices and action steps that allow joy to overflow.

Start your journey to a joy-filled soul today!

The Joy Filled Soul will help you . . .

Recognize the choices you are making that cause your joy to leak.

  1. What holes do you currently have in your cup?
  2. What is causing those holes?

Discover new choices you can make today to mend the holes and begin the journey to joy.

  1. What (or who) can mend the holes? 
  2. What action steps can cause my joy to overflow?

Overflow with JOY! The fruit of the Holy Spirit is a free gift, not one you have to earn or choose.

  1. Are my choices causing joy to overflow or leak?
  2. My joy is overflowing…what am I going to do now?

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