Episode 5: From Coffee to the Cross (The Lingering Life Podcast)

Episode 5: From Coffee to the Cross: Linger with Jesus, Embrace His Sacrifice

It’s Holy Week.

Let’s sit with Jesus as he cries out to the Father. Sit with him as he bears the unbearable weight of torture and death, of betrayal and unbelief. Sit with him as he appears to the disciples in his resurrected body.

Join me on today’s podcast for a conversation about lingering with Jesus as he approaches the cross. What must that week have been like?  Let’s chat!

Show Notes:

Highlights from this episode:

Jesus, God himself, came down to earth to die as the perfect sacrificial lamb so that you and I could have moments and opportunities to be in the presence of God. We get to sit down and have coffee with him, the ultimate influencer. He’s certainly helped me simplify my life (not worrying about tomorrow or anything really because I know he’s got me covered). He’s helped me understand the scriptures I’m reading. He is the best friend that truly gets me and understands me and I am loved and protected and safe in his presence. 


And we don’t just get an hour with him. We get forever with him. Because of what he did on the cross. Without Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are separated from our Holy God. But Jesus changed that. He did what we couldn’t. He lived a perfect life and laid his life down for us. He is God. He is Lord. He is Savior. 

I confess that I often leap to conclusions and lean toward the practical side of life…and so I probably would have responded the same way as the disciples. But today…I choose to throw out the pragmatic response…I just want to linger with Jesus. I want to sit with a dear friend before he goes through the most horrific experience…one that he chooses for me so that he can clear me of all debt but also be able to empathize with me in my hurt and grief and pain.

In the hour of deep distress, knowing what was about to come, Jesus prayed. And he also warned Peter that temptation is coming and the only way to keep strong is to abide…remain. If we don’t keep watch and pray. If we don’t abide, we will go down. For the spirit is willing but the body is weak. As I linger with Jesus today, may his strength be perfected in my weakness and may I keep watch…keep my eyes focused on Jesus.

Scripture referenced in this episode:

  • Matthew 26:6-13
  • Matthew 26:36-46
  • Matthew 27:20-26
  • Luke 23:44-49
  • John 20:1:23


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