Episode 7: Bible Study Method - Bring God's Word to LIFE (The Lingering Life Podcast)

Episode 7: Bible Study Method - Bring GOd's Word to LIFE

“I don’t know what to read or how to study and so I end up not doing it. Can you help?”

This came in from a reader this week. I’ve been there. 

In my years of struggle, I’ve developed a Bible study system that I love. It takes all the guesswork out of what to study and how to study. It’s simple and easy to accomplish and not overwhelming.

Join me on today’s podcast for a conversation about the Bring the Word to LIFE Bible Study Method.  Let’s chat!

Show Notes:

Highlights from this episode:

It’s the Bring the Word to LIFE method.

When we study Scriptures, we Bring the Word to LIFE.  we learn it, inscribe it, feast on it, and experience it. Here’s how this method works.

Here are the questions I ask myself and the colors I use for underlining.

  1. Where do I see God in this passage?
    • What is he doing? What characteristic is being displayed?
    • I underline/highlight these in green
  2. Is there any command/guidance for me in this passage?
    • Do not be afraid. 
    • Flee from …
    • Quick to listen. Slow to speak
    • I underline/highlight guidance and encouragement in pink
    • I underline/highlight stern commands in orange  
  3. What promises do i see?
    • God will always be with me
    • He cares about me. 
    • Nothing can separate me from his love
    • I underline/highlight these in blue
  4. Are there any words that stand out?
    • Words I don’t understand 
    • Words I want to study further
    • I underline these in black but I also write them in a journal for when I have a moment to do a deep dive. I look at the Hebrew or Greek definition and find other verses in the Bible with the same word.