Welcome to the Bible Road Trip!

Glad to have you join us. Reading the Bible can be overwhelming and sometimes it feels like we’re hitting roadblocks at every turn.

What should I read? What does it mean?

If you’ve asked these questions, you are in the right place. We are hitting the road and exploring God’s Word together. You can choose to stay on the main road by sticking with the Road Trip Map or you can venture off-road with me. I completely understand how some weeks we have lots of time, while other weeks seem to have none.

The goal of this road trip is to linger with Jesus – abide in Him.

Here’s how it will work. Every Sunday night, you’ll receive an email with the Road Trip Guide for the week. Inside this email, you’ll find the following: 

Road Trip Map

5 Day Reading Plan

Fuel Up

A prayer to fill you up and set your heart and mind for time with Jesus.

High-Beam Spotlight

A verse to memorize along with tips to do so.

Psalm 119:105 says that God’s Word is a “lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.” 

Road Trip Tunes

A music playlist because every good road trip needs amazing tunes.

Off-Road with Janine

An off-roading adventure, where we will get off the main road and explore a bit, going a little deeper into one of the passages.


A few of my favorite resources to help you on this road trip.

Please email me with any questions. I’m here to help. And I will be praying for you along the way so you can always respond to these emails with any specific prayer requests. It is my privilege to continually bring you before the Lord.

Happy Road Tripping. To God Be The Glory!